Aromatherapy Wood Humidifier

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Aromatherapy Wood Humidifier

✔️ Enjoy the aromatherapy quietly

✔️ Water shortage / rollover protection

✔️ Baby PP material

saengQ Electric Humidifier Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Wood Grain Air Humidifier USB Mini Mist Maker LED Light For
Product: USB Portable humidifier
Water capacity: 300 ml
Size: 110*110*115mm
Power: 2W
Voltage: 5V
Spray power: 50ml/h
saengQ Electric Humidifier Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Wood Grain Air Humidifier USB Mini Mist Maker LED Light For
How to use:
1. Open the top cover counterclockwise
2. Add clear water
3. Connect USB Power Supply
4. Single click switch, open the spray mode.
Product includes:
1. Humidifier*1
2. USB Data Line*1
3. Instructions for Use*1
saengQ Electric Humidifier Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Wood Grain Air Humidifier USB Mini Mist Maker LED Light For

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I'm in love with this little thing! It's super quiet, so I am able to have one on my desk for when I study and one next to my bed for when I sleep. The design is visually appealing to me as well. The steam is cold and offers a refreshing feeling when combined with essential oils. It is about the size of a large grapefruit, which I find to be a great since I can put it anywhere I am. Granted, that's not necessary since one is enough to fill my entire living room (~ 250 square feet) with scent with just 5-7 drops of essential oil.


This lil' humidifier really gets steam going for its size, and I do feel like when I add oils (lavender or vanilla, or both!) it really gets a strong smell going as well. I've let it run for about 6 hours and it's been pretty consistent with the smell. It's also incredibly stylish looking, and I love how easy it is to change the lights. Plus, the automatic turn off is great as well - and I've had no issues with it working.


I purchased this about two days ago and it is a perfect size for my home office. Others have said it makes a loud noise, but it does not. It has a light whirring sound like other more expensive diffusers that gets lost in the background noise. It produces a lot of vapor for its small size. Very easy to operate and refill, glad I bought it!


I got this little guy because my office has no windows and it's a miserable dark hole. I was getting genuine nosebleeds from the overly-dry stale air. This diffuser has truly helped me feel less like I'm dying throughout the day. The air feels fresher and healthier. I combine it with eucalyptus oil, which eliminates odors and helps me feel refreshed. Perfect size for a small office.


This diffuser is super easy to use. The second I filled it with water and turned it on, it immediately started working and I could smell it. I bought my essential oils separately. The diffuser has little to no sound when it’s working. I like the LED feature where it changes colors.


I’m enjoying this little sleak diffuser. Doesn’t take up too much space and is visually appealing. So far so good! Make sure it’s somewhere sturdy away from pets or kids getting caught up on the cord because the top isn’t connected and it could be easily knocked over.


We use oil diffusers everyday. This cutie is perfect and we live the dark color. Very fine mist . Works in any space. Our other diffusers cost almost 100.00. Highly recommend.


Gives a lot of miss and scent off! I use about 8 or 10 drops depending on the scent because some arent that strong. But it gives off a great smell and it gives me the aromatherapy I need when I need it the most! I've been using it every day, and unplug it after I'm done using it just so nothing happens. I absolutely love it though!!


Very happy with the quality of and fast shipping!!!


look nice air cleaner good store recomandet


Love it! Recommend!!!


Very good product. exactly as described. arrived within two weeks


I love it.


Great product no issues at all, very fast delivery.


totally rad


I should say the product looks exactly as in pictures. Thank you very much!


Fast shipping! Really good quality. Thank you!


I bought as a present. Thanks for delivering in time.


I love this diffuser!! It not only diffuses perfectly, but also offers a bit of decorative piece to any room. I would definitely suggest this diffuser to anyone that is seeking a holistic approach to healthy living!


Its very well made, very sleek looking. I don't see any defect anywhere. Its packaged well and its looks really nice if you have a nicely decorated space it will fit in beautifully. I think mine lasts for around 6-8 hours? I haven't time it exactly. I put it on in the morning when I go into my office about 7ish and at some point in the mid to late afternoon I notice its off, but I can't tell you exactly when it went off. The lingering aroma though is still in the air so its not like I feel as if I have to go and refill it.


It's really more of an essential oil diffuser than a true humidifier, but it does help to have it on at night. My throat is definitely not as dry in the a.m. It runs for up to about six hours (?) I think, and is easy to set up and refill.


Absolutely love my diffuser! So easy to out together and love the lights. It diffuses the oils very efficiently throughout my living and dining area. I am very careful with it though because I can see what others say about the coating being delicate and may chip easily. I bought my mom the same one for her birthday and she absolutely loves it too!


Can't even compare with anything else - too cool! Thanks to the seller


arrived in time and there are no defects. Goods meet the expectations.


The items are in great condition. I'm really satisfied with the product!

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